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ARLA global, nigeria

Green Field Turnkey Farm Project for 400 Dairy Cows. A sustainable, environmentally and innovative solutions of modern farming with irrigation, animal housing, renewable energy sources, feed production and the process equipment for grains including dryers and silo in cooperation with international factories like Skiold Group and Fasterholt Denmark and local suppliers. The project works towards more sustainable dairy farming and training facility that also supports UN SDGs within

No. 6 – Clean Water & Sanitation. 

No. 7 – Affordable & Clean Energy by using renewable energy sources on our Farms.

No. 12 – Responsible Consumption & Production by leading the way in dairy farming.

No. 13 – Climate Action by continuing to reduce the CO2e on the farm
No. 17 – Partnerships for the Goals by working with others and the farming industry to ensure a sustainable dairy future for us all.

There is a high market request and demand for a more sustainable and environmentally friendly agriculture- and food production. That is our passion together with general development and business drive.