Scova water pump


From 400 to 5000 L/min – from 4 to 20 bars

Standard Equipment:

Best branded engines and pumps such as ICEVO, DEUTZ, JOHN DEERE, PERKINS, ROVATTI, CAPRARI, LANDINI coupled with flexible joints. Control panel to manage both the engine and the pump. Bended sheet iron trolley with built tank welded by robots in order to have the best ration between dimension and fuel tank capacity. Removable drawbar and wheels axle shaft, mechanical stabilisers. Water paint.


-Fix base

– Up graded tanks up to 1480 liters capacity

– ABS Sheet Roof

-Sheet roof complete with engine side protections

-Total or engine only soundproofing canopy

-Up-graded wheels


-Manual or hydraulic suction lifting arm

-Kirpy pump priming system

-Electric priming pump

-Pibes holders

-Working light

-High Drawbar

-Suction and delivery couplings and accessories


These motor pump unbits are studied to be used with hose reel irrigation machines, drip irrigation, solid sets, pivot and many others different applications.