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About Us

Sustainable Development Through Collaboration

Contains more than 25 years of professional business experience and with more than 14 years of hands-on agriculture experience in Africa, gives us a deep understanding of the needs and mind-sets of costumers, stakeholders and Government and allows for a very practical approach in our work.

There is a high market request and demand for a more sustainable and environmentally friendly agriculture- and food production. That is our passion together with general development and business drive. 

Our Background

We do turnkey projects from ground zero to train and educate farmers – small or big – to reach the full potential in their value chain production. We define large agribusiness projects with fully design, construction, equipment, service facility to advise on how to attract external investors, conduct feasibility studies and facilitate multi-stakeholder processes.

We are driven by the challenge. Our work, engagement and core expertise are sustainable developments and agribusiness within circular economy, sustainable and inclusive business. We are curious and open to explore and work in a variety of domains and challenge areas. 

We belief in collaboration between customers, partners and multi-stakeholder engagement to help accelerate sustainable development and our work continues to evolve encompassing a broader presence in Africa and a wider portfolio of approaches on collaboration and change. 

Our approach and background is within agriculture and business development, with thinking and methods of entrepreneurship, design thinking, system thinking, change, transformation & innovation, everything collaboration, participation and inclusion, and sustainable business development.

Our Services

We have been active since 2009 with animal housing and equipment supply on the African continent.

Our focus for equipment is delivery of modern farms with irrigation, animal housing, feed production and the process equipment for grains including dryers and plants in cooperation with international factories like Skiold Group, SAC Milking and Fasterholt Denmark.

For dairy houses our supply is the design of the cubicle dividers that ensures the cow will lie down in a natural and optimal position.
This results in a cleaner dairy house environment with better hygiene, less deceases and an improved milk quality.

NB: Bacteria at the bedding area causes Mastitis – so it is important to maintain a clean environment.

Our Quality Goals

  • Understanding our customers’ needs and tailoring solutions to those needs in order to meet customers expectations but preferably to exceed those expectations.
  • Maintaining and regularly reviewing and improving the quality of our services to always keep ahead of ever changing customers expectations.
  • Maintaining close links with our business partners.
  • Motivating our staff through advancement on merit and respect of the individual.

CSR Human Rights

Global compact goals

  • Explicit commitment to respect all human rights which refers to international human rights standards.
  • Provisions on labour/workplace rights.
  • Provisions on non-labour rights. These will reflect human rights priorities and are likely to be particular to areas of operation.

Errors and complications

  • We want to have proper procedures for managing and investigating errors and complications. To sustain high standards this is crucial.

We will develop procedures to report, review and react to all errors, complications or unexpected incidents.

Complaint handling

  • We will develop a clear procedure for handling incoming complaints in a timely and efficient manner.     

Meet Our Leadership Team

Peter Adamsen


Rikke Adamsen


Titus Ndegwa


Mark Grace Kiyaga


Madinah Nambajo


Stella Driwaru


Edmand Mjewi


Titus Mubiru


Geofrey Lumamba


Yahaya Nkambi


Nicholus Ssenyonga