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Rubber Mats for cubicle dividers:

PAD&T has a wide range of quality assured rubber mats for cubicles. One of the most popular solutions I s an 8mm thick top fabric with 35- or 45-mm latex mat (B:180 cm). This solution provides improved slip safety and good rest comfort with a base that conforms to the anatomy of the cattle, also ensuring a good weight distribution, reducing the pressure on their hocks and hips. 

As a bottom layer, a unicup mat designed with “cups”, providing extreme comfort, can be used to lift the foundation and to provide optimal elasticity, motivating the animals for longer resting periods. 

For young stock, PAD&T recommends a 20- or 30-mm non-slip rubber mat (B= 160, 170 or 180 cm), which is a durable and easy cleaning solution.

Rubber Mats for alleys:

On solid alleys, mats with puzzle edges can be used, ensuring an easy mounting as no other joints are required on the flooring. The soft surface also motivates the animals for more movement and ensures a comfortable and natural walk. Greater activity stimulates blood circulation in the legs and minimizes the risk of leg and hoof diseases, resulting in a lower replacement rate of the herd. For slatted floors, PAD&T recommends a rubber mat with a uniquely designed fastening system that ensures form stability and thus long durability.