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Grain Handling Equipment


Mecmar mobile gran dryers are designed and manufactured to guarantee excellent results, both with small and with high quantities of cereal to dry.

Mobile grain batch dryers are the perfect choice for any user looking for drying both small and large amount of grains every year.

Simple to use, flexible and transportable.

Mecmar has designed and built its dryers thanks to the skills and the know-how gained over the years: the design is specifically developed to offer maximum efficiencydurability and resistance. Mecmar mobile dryers can be used in all latitudes and climatic conditions (even with external temperatures of -40 °C).

Choosing to rely on Mecmar mobile grain dryers means having significant benefits: in fact, drying and storing cereals (corn, wheat, rice, barley, rapeseed, soy) can significantly increase the profits of your farm.

This equipment will allow you to get the best result while spending the minimum. Because working in an intelligent way is the best way to get closer to the future.

Technical data:
  • Productivity (corn): min 35 max 600/ton24h
  • Fuel type: Gas/diesel/LPG/wood chips
  • Many possibilities of personalization
  • With heat exchanger as an option
  • Capacity: min 10 – max 100m3
  • Drive: electrical/PTO
  • Transportable


urease and preserving the amount of vegetable fat in it. With the roasted integrated soya bean, you will need a smaller amount of soya to obtain the same calories in the diet of the animal you need to fatten.

Technical data:
  • Productivity: min 0,5 – max 6,5 ton/h
  • Suitable for animal and human feed
  • Movable on wheels as an option
  • Fuel type: gas/diesel
  • Electrical drive