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Farming Equipment

We supply Equipments individually and as full Projects for feed or grain productions, with package of shipping, delivery with training and aftersales service.


Gearbox transmission
Gearbox transmission – the 360 model has 9 arms, while the 420 model has 11 arms. It is made by renowed manufacturers – Comer and Starosielski. The gears are working fully covered in oil.
The arms
The arms in our Spyders are made of a ⌀38mm pipe, 7mm wall thickness. The 360 model has 5 fixed and 4 folding arms, while the 420 model has 5 fixed and 6 folding arms.
Folding arms
Folding arms – going away from the trand of pulling arms to the transport position, we have created an innovative solution that allows the user to fold/unfold the arms quickly and easily. In the folding arms (4 or 6, depending on model) we have installed fasteners that fold the arms on a hinge principle. After folding the arm, we secure it with a cotter pin.
Manual height adjustment
Manual height adjustment – a crank is mounted above the gearbox for precise positioning of the tines. We can adjust the rake to any terrain.


ENTRY 120 and 150 are affordable, simple, sturdy full chain balers. They’re ideal for small farmers who cut their own forage or as a back-up machine for larger operations. Complete with twine and net wrap binding systems there’s a choice of either 4 (ENTRY 120) or 5 (ENTRY 150) diameter bales.
  • String knot binding set
  • Double Feeder Forks
  • 2 Pick-up widths available
  • Hydraulic pick-up adjustment
  • Double cardan shaft with intermediate support
  • Third support wheel
  • Working ligth LED
  • Knotters cleaning fan
  • Mechanical bale counter
  • CE certificated
  • Hydraulic drawbar regulation
  • Wire binding set
  • Loop knot binding set


Technical data:
  • Reinforced hitch – made out of one, folded profile which eliminates many weak points i.e. welds which tend to break. Equipped with adjustable pivots of II/III cat. (185 mower) or I/II cat. (135 and 165 mowers).
  • Thick covers with a reinforced rubber collar along the bottom edge, which prevents tarpaulin tear. The cover is certified, its thickness is 900 microns.
  • All working elements are made from castings made exclusively out of ductile iron – good strength and slide properties, it is resistant to bending and high pressure.


Point seed drill Serpens is a 4-section machine with mechanical point sowing system. The seeder is perfect for farms with small and medium areas on well cultivated light and medium compact soils.

The seed drill is designed for precise sowing of corn, soybean, peanut and mung bean seeds. Precise sowing of different grain sizes is possible to the exchangeable seeding discs.

The seed drill section is equipped with a seed hopper with a capacity of 25 dm3. The appropriately shaped bottom ensures complete emptying of the seed. The seed drill section is driven by a wide wheel and a chain transmission. The main task of the wheel is to maintain the appropriate sowing depth (3, 6, 8 and 10 cm) and soil compaction over sown grain.

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The use to the interchangeable pair of chain wheels, it is possible to achieve eight seed distance in a row: 12 cm, 13 cm, 14 cm, 15 cm, 16 cm, 17 cm, 18 cm and 19 cm. The modular structure of the frame and seed drill section allows obtaining the distance between rows of cultivated plants in the range from 50 cm to 80 cm. The standard equipment is hydraulic disc markers and support wheels.

To increase versatility and improve the economy of working passes, the seeder can be equipped with a fertilizer dispenser. The fertilizer dispenser tank with a capacity of 70 dm3 is connected with telescopic tubes with markers. Agrotechnical requirements recommend that the fertilizer is applied next to the seeds sown. A properly shaped marker allows you to apply fertilizer in the right place in relation to the seeds.