These Are Our

Farming equipment

We supply Equipments individually and as full Projects for feed or grain productions, with package of shipping, delivery with training and aftersales service.

Grain mobile dryer

Mecmar mobile gran dryers are designed and manufactured to guarantee excellent results, both with small and with high quantities of cereal to dry.

Mobile grain batch dryers are the perfect choice for any user looking for drying both small and large amount of grains every year.

Simple to use, flexible and transportable.


Soya roasters

Our roasters ensure the soya bean is edible after the treatment by reducing the values of urease and preserving the amount of vegetable fat in it. With the roasted integrated soya bean, you will need a smaller amount of soya to obtain the same calories in the diet of the animal you need to fatten.

Spyder - Hay rack

The support wheel is a very important part of the machine. It provides many functions: protects the machine against pressing into the ground; supports terrain contour copying; reduces work of the operator, which doesn’t have to balance the lift to perfectly level the machine.

pitagora-square-baler-118-1590646672 (1)

pitagora square baler

ENTRY 120 and 150 are affordable, simple, sturdy full chain balers. They’re ideal for small farmers who cut their own forage or as a back-up machine for larger operations.

grass cutter drum mower talex

Reinforced hitch – made out of one, folded profile which eliminates many weak points i.e. welds which tend to break. Equipped with adjustable pivots of II/III cat. (185 mower) or I/II cat. (135 and 165 mowers).

Grass cutter Drum mower Talex


SCOVA water pump

Best branded engines and pumps such as ICEVO, DEUTZ, JOHN DEERE, PERKINS, ROVATTI, CAPRARI, LANDINI coupled with flexible joints. Control panel to manage both the engine and the pump. Bended sheet iron trolley with built tank welded by robots in order to have the best ration between dimension and fuel tank capacity. Removable drawbar and wheels axle shaft, mechanical stabilisers. Water paint.

Scova geneerated waterpump on trailer