These Are Our

Irrigation Products

We supply irrigation as parts or turnkey irrigation, where we we install with waterpump, field Water supply and training in the use of hose reel trailers. See option for irrigation trailers here.

Mini Mobil 32

It is the smallest of the irrigators. It is build upon the same principles as all irrigators from Fasterholt, high quality and reliability. This irrigator fits perfectly to smaller and medium fields.


Mini mobil 40

Fasterholt Minimobil 40 is perfect for bigger gardens, sports areas, market gardens and parks. It is working like a regular Fasterholt irrigator but without drive on the wheels. 

Bording 0T

Is the smallest of the bording models with waterturbine. It is for smaller fields, sports areana’s and vegestable production. It carries 125m hose and handy to transport with small garden tractor etc. 

bording 01

bording 1TT

As standard the Bording 1TT is supplied with a galvanized chassis, fork drawbar and jack. The hose is driven through a strong worm axle, which also works as stop function when the gun wagon returns to the machine.

Bording 2tT

Bording 2TT is equipped with fork drawbar, but it can also be mounted with hitch eye pull.
The support legs have a unique system, which is easily operated and with a gearing that provides a secure and stable support during the irrigation operation. All galvanized.

Bording 2TT for JESA
5tt (1)

bording 5TT / 5ttxl

This machine is equipped with fork drawbar, but it can also be mounted with hitch eye pull. The gun wagon is equipped with a Nelson SR150-gun.
All mechanical and electric parts and instructions are placed in a locker. The gearbox has 4 speed ranges for optimum power transfer from the turbine.


FM5500H is the largest of our irrigation machines. The irrigator has a hose length of 1.000m/125mm.
As the FM5500H is a larger machine than the other FM-machine, the FM5500H is equipped with hydraulic brakes.