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Animal Housing

Our focus for greenfield animal development is delivery of modern farms with irrigation, animal housing, feed production and the process equipment for grains including dryers and silo.

From us you get a millinium of farming experience and our goal is to provide the optimal solution to enable our customers to produce more food and feed gaining the best benefit from their own effort.

Talk to us about your farming project for inventory equipment to farm turnkey supply.

    Milking setup

    “If there’s anything we can do for the good of the cow, the milk, and the operator, we’ll do it!”  – with this motto, Svend Aage Christensen founded SAC in 1938. During the years, the motto has been a guiding star in the development from the simple but brilliant “KALVO” bucket milking machine to tie-up stalls, milking parlors, rotaries, and milking robots.

    In this process of development, milking parlors and rotaries have been the leading

    elements. At SAC, the milking machine and the milking parlor are integrated into an entity to provide the cow, the milk, and the milker with the best conditions in order to yield the best result – because “If there’s anything we can do for the good of the cow, the milk and the operator, we’ll do it!”

    Today, SAC has milking parlors in all variants so there is a free-for-all choice with the certainty that we deliver to you the best products no matter what you choose. If you call the SAC development department and hear a “MOO”, you will realize that the development takes place in cooperation with the customer at the farm.